Miami City

Miami is one of the major cities of the United States and the largest one in Florida. Often called as 'the Magic City', the name is apt for Miami as it has lots to offer to the tourists. It is gifted with glitz and glamor of urban life, pristine beaches, art deco hotels, restaurants and pubs, and more. Moreover, this city is best known for snorkeling and scuba diving. One can also make a visit to the Coconut Cove and also experience Latin-American Culture in the city.

Best Time to visit Miami
The peak season for tourists in Miami is from January to April when travelers from far and wide visit this beautiful city. For all those who want to avoid the crowd and are on a low budget can visit the city from June to early winter when the weather is quite pleasant and a good time to enjoy the beach activities. One can also visit during October when the Broadway Season Show is held. 

Attractions of Miami
Miami Beach

The Miami Beach is a resort city which is also a separate municipality from Miami. It is located on human-made barrier islands between the Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean and is connected with the mainland through a couple of bridges. This place is known for the beach, art deco buildings, restaurants, nightlife and more. Miami Beach is an expensive place too.

Art Deco District

The Art Deco District is located in Miami Beach. It is a 20th-century area which has around 800 buildings with historical significance. These structures were built between 1923 and 1943, and each one of them is designed beautifully. While walking along the Ocean Drive people can catch a glimpse of these pastel colored retro buildings.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

One of the must visit place in Miami is the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. This mansion was built in 1916 and was once the winter home of industrialist James Deering. This Renaissance styled Italian building has 34 rooms and a courtyard. Today one can get to see 15th to 19th century decorative and furniture in the house.

Shopping in Miami

Dolphin Mall
Dolphin Mall is one of the most popular and modern malls Of Miami city. It has around 240 retail stores and also a multiplex with 19 screens and stadium seating. Few of the brands that can be found in this shopping mall are Bath & Body Works, Forever 21, Banana Republic, Gap, Calvin & Klein and more.

Go! Shop

The best destination in the city to shop for original artwork, local handicrafts, prints and art accoutrements with the most traditional of designs and best creative skills. It is a must visit the shop for tourists looking for beautiful wooden artifacts and is a great place to pick souvenirs from the Wynwood Walls artists.

C Madeleine’s

Miami’s most popular destination for Vintage shopping with the timeless collections from Yves Saint Laurent and Coco Chanel adorning the shelves, C Madeleine’s is a paradise for fashion lovers and shopaholics. A one of a kind store in the city and a must visit for all fashionistas, C Madeleine’s has exquisitely preserved the classics of fashion and vintage couture.

Dining and Nightlife in Miami
Tap Tap
With its vibrant galore of bright colors in the interior décor inspired from Haiti’s Tap Tap Trucks and serving spicy delicacies with the fusion of Caribbean and West African Cuisines, Tap Tap is a diner you ought to try a meal at when in Miami purely for its ambience and great food. The menu is authentic Haiti with great choices of spicy pumpkin soup, curried goat, snapper in lime sauce and others.

El Carajo
The city’s top choice in Spanish cuisines, El Carajo in Carol Gables is a fantastic eatery to try out delicious Spanish recipes like chorizo, frittatas, sardines, anchovies cooked in olive oil and several others while enjoying a very fresh and modern ambience inside the restaurant. 

Wood Tavern
One of the coolest bars in Miami with the best casual atmosphere and grand party spirit, Wood Tavern welcomes guests to indulge in its fun environment with small beach picnics, Jenga games, dancing and music and even the art gallery with rotating exhibits. Besides the drinks at the bar and the wonderful beer collection, Wood also offers great sides at an affordable price.

Boasting of a size of 30,000 square feet this multilevel club renovated from a Miami warehouse is the city’s coolest megaclub and the ultimate spot for the most veteran of party animals. The music ranges from hip-hop, Latin, trance to great party anthems with each floor having a different variety and the dance floors crowded to the most. 

How to reach Miami
The Miami International Airport located only 18 minutes away from the city is the main air hub that connects Miami to other major international cities of Europe, North America and Latin America, making it easier for tourists to reach the city. Also, the Fort Lauderdale International Airport located about 40 minutes away from the city is another air hub that caters to various international carriers. The city can also be reached by the Amtrak’s Silver Service that operates two trains on a daily basis from Miami to New York City, Washington DC and other cities of the Eastern Seaboard. The roadways to Miami are also well built and have good connectivity with the neighboring cities making it accessible by road as well. And once inside the city, the public transport is well developed making it a very tourist friendly spot for a vacation.

Day Trip Destinations from Miami
Everglades National Park
Only about an hour from Miami, the Everglades National Park is a fantastic day trip destination to reconnect with nature and witness the huge alligators in their native wild habitat. The National Park is a beautiful natural escape only 44 miles from the busy city and travelers can reach via rented car. Also, besides the alligators visitors to the park can enjoy exciting kayaking, ride a canoe or have a bike ride adventure.

Biscayne National Park
Located to the east of Everglades and about 53 miles away from Miami, Biscayne National Park is another exciting day trip destination to look forward to from Miami and enjoy a quiet time in nature. The Biscayne Bay gives an amazing view of the city and travelers can enjoy the Biscayne Bay Cruise by riding along the Fisher Island and Star Island. Also, travelers can indulge in the airboat adventure that takes guests on a thrilling trip in the Biscayne Bay with the alligators and the enchanting view of the Miami Skyline. 

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